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    The Shasta Transit Brainstorm

    The Shasta Regional Transportation Agency is kicking off its annual Unmet Transit Needs Process with the Shasta Transit Brainstorm! What are your unmet transit needs? Read on...
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    CA Transportation Funding in Crisis

    CTC notifies the state legislature of potential transportation project delays throughout the state due to the Fund Estimate reduction. Read on...
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    'Need-A-Ride' Brochure Updated!

    SRTA's 'Need-A-Ride' Brochure has been updated and is available online!
  4. TIGER

    TIGER Interstate 5 / Union Pacific "Disconnect" Grant Proposal

    SRTA and the city of Anderson sought $12.76M to complete a crucial Interstate 5 project just north of Anderson. Although unsuccessful in the 2015 grant round, the project was ranked "Highly Recommended" by the US DOT projects evaluation team. Read on...
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Final 2015 Regional Transportation Plan (RTP), including Sustainable Communities Strategy (SCS), and Final Environmental Impact Report (EIR)

The SRTA Board of Directors adopted the 2015 RTP, including SCS, and certified the EIR at the June 30, 2015, board of directors meeting. Please click the following link to view the documents.
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