1. Regional Transportation Plan

    The Regional Transportation Plan establishes regional priorities for all modes of transportation region-wide over a 20-year horizon. The RTP also addresses transportation-related issues such as; air quality, land use and environmental impacts.

  2. Area and Corridor Plans

    Learn about SRTA's work with partner agencies on special studies.

  3. Traffic Impact Fee Studies

    These are studies to evaluate future growth, costs to provide requisite infrastructure, and fees associated with transportation improvements.

  4. Bike & Pedestrian Planning

    The primary goal of the non-motorized transportation program is to create a transportation environment that encourages non-motorized alternatives.

  5. Community & Economic Development Plans

    SRTA leads or participates in a variety of community-level planning and economic development initiatives designed to expand personal mobility, improve destination accessibility, reduce transportation costs, and facilitate the movement of goods and services for a more prosperous and sustainable region.

  6. Public Transportation

    SRTA collaborates with partner agencies on the funding and coordination of public transportation in Shasta County so its residents can access the goods and services they need.