Regional Data & Tools

  1. Census Data

    Census data provides information about the region's demographic, economic, housing and social characteristics. This data is collected through regular surveys conducted by the US Census Bureau; typically through the Decennial Census, conducted every ten years, or through the American Community Survey (ACS), which happens annually.

  2. Geographic Information System

    GIS is a spatial analysis tool used for project development, public involvement and planning.

  3. Travel Demand Modeling

    The Travel Demand Model forecasts land use and corresponding travel behavior at least 20 years in the future.

  4. Regional Housing Need Allocation (RHNA)

    The regional housing need allocation (RHNA) is a state required process that determines the number of housing units cities and counties must plan for in the Housing Element of their General Plan. This process currently takes place every five years in Shasta County and is conducted between the cities, Shasta County and the California Department of Housing and Community Development.

  5. Transportation Planning Dictionary

    Definitions to transportation planning's most curious acronyms and jargon

  6. Carbon Calculator

    Carbon Calculator