Unmet Transit Needs Process

Draft 2019-20 Transit Needs Assessment (TNA) Available Now!  See link at bottom of page under "Reports and Assessments" to download the first file.  A public hearing on the unmet transit needs process and the draft TNA will be held Tuesday, February 26, 2019, at 3:00 PM at the Shasta County Board of Supervisors' Chambers.

Unmet Transit Needs

The Shasta Regional Transportation Agency annually determines the amount of public transportation funds available for allocation within the cities of Anderson, Redding and Shasta Lake, and the County of Shasta. Prior to disbursing these Transportation Development Act funds,  SRTA must identify any unmet public transit needs that may exist in Shasta County.

The Transit Needs Assessment is developed to document transit needs and findings and describe the process by which SRTA performed the assessment. For additional information regarding the 2019-20 unmet transit needs cycle, please click here.

What is an "Unmet Transit Need"?

Distinguishing between an unmet transit need and other transit issues can sometimes be confusing.  The table below presents a variety of concerns frequently raised during the unmet transit needs process. The examples, for which SRTA is responsible, represent unmet transit needs. For a formal definition of "unmet transit needs" and when they are "reasonable to meet," please read SRTA's board of directors resolution 16-14

To immediately leave an Unmet Transit Need

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What happens to suggestions I make during an Unmet Transit Needs Cycle?

​Comments are accepted year round.  Transit service suggestions considered for funding in the upcoming fiscal year are accepted from the close of last year’s public input opportunity through the close of the public input opportunity for the upcoming fiscal year.  A transit suggestion may be funded for the upcoming fiscal year if the answer to all of the following questions is yes.

a) Does it meet SRTA’s definition of an “Unmet Transit Need”?
b) Does it meet SRTA’s definition of “Reasonable to Meet”?
c) Is funding available?
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What is the Process for the Unmet Transit Needs?

The Unmet Transit Needs Process comprises annual cycles designed to provide the public a forum to offer input on transit needs they feel aren't currently being met in the Shasta Region.  It begins in October with outreach via social media, bus brochures, informational posters, and distribution by partner agencies, social service agencies, and not-for-profit organizations.  The public input opportunity ends in March, a week after the February the SRTA Board of Directors meeting. Following that meeting, findings and a final report are developed.  The graphic below outlines the annual cycle.

Unmet Transit Needs Video

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If you need information in another language, call (530) 262-6190. Si se necessita información en español, llame (530) 262-6190.


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