Unmet Transit Needs Process

SRTA is responsible for allocating Transportation Development Act funds for public transportation services within the region. Each year the Unmet Transit Needs process is carried out to identify and evaluate any potential needs that are not being met through existing public transportation services.

FY 2020/21 Transit Needs Assessment: Public Review Draft

Based on public comments received through January 24, 2020, the FY 2020/21 Draft Transit Needs Assessment is now available for 30-day public review and comment.  Comments may be submitted at the public hearing is scheduled February 25, 2020 (see SRTA Board of Directors February agenda).  Comments may also be submitted via email, online survey, or by contacting SRTA directly (see below for instructions on how to submit comments via all methods). 

Unmet Transit Needs Community Survey

Are your public transportation needs being met?  Let us know by completing the following 2020/2021 Unmet Transit Needs survey. SurveyButton Opens in new window


Also feel free to contact SRTA staff directly with any questions: 

What happens to suggestions I make during an Unmet Transit Needs Cycle?

​Comments are accepted at any time, but are formally considered once a year through the annual Unmet Transit Needs process. Unmet transit needs may be funded if the answer to all of the following questions is yes. 

a) Does it meet SRTA’s definition of an “Unmet Transit Need”?
b) Does it meet SRTA’s definition of “Reasonable to Meet”?
c) Is funding available?

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Unmet Transit Needs Video

 If you need information in another language, call (530)  262-6190.
Si se necessita informaci
ón en español, llame (530)  262-6190.

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If you need information in another language, call (530) 262-6190. Si se necessita información en español, llame (530) 262-6190.


Past Unmet Transit Needs Findings and Reports