Overall Work Program (OWP)

The OWP is the agency’s annual work plan and corresponding budget.  The OWP covers the fiscal year (July 1 to June 30).  It includes a prospectus, financial summary, and work elements which describe the agency’s planning activities, deliverables and associated schedule.  Preparation and adoption of the OWP typically adheres to the following schedule for the ensuing year fiscal year: 
  • December - Present planning priority recommendations for discussion
  • February - Present draft OWP for review and discussion
  • April - Present final OWP for adoption
*All documents below are in PDF unless otherwise indicated.

Archived Overall Work Programs and Supporting Documents

  1. FY 2017/18 OWP
  2. FY 2016/17 OWP
  3. FY 2015/16 OWP
  4. Older OWPs