FTA Section 5311(f) - Intercity Bus Program

FTA Section 5311(f) provides funding for public transportation equipment and services connecting rural areas to urbanized areas.  Caltrans administers the 5311(f) program for California.  Applications should be authorized by SRTA.  In 2015, SRTA was awarded funding for an 'airporter' feasibility study, and the county of Shasta was awarded funding for Burney Express operations. In past years (2013), First Class Shuttle of Redding applied for and was awarded 5311(f) funding for a new shuttle van that takes passengers from Redding down to Sacramento International Airport.
transportation van for Burney Express

FTA Section 5311(f) Grant Awards for Region's Intercity Bus Needs

Applicant Project 2013 2014 2015 2016 2017
Shasta Regional Transportation Agency 'Airporter' Feasibility Study     $30,000    
County of Shasta Burney Express Operations     $176,850 $175,836 $84,664
First Class Shuttle Bus Purchase $70,989