Regional Housing Need Allocation (RHNA)

California state law requires that state and local governments ensure that adequate amounts of housing is available for current residents and future population growth.  This process, known as the Regional Housing Need Allocation or RHNA, is a projection of housing units needed over a certain time period to accommodate households across all income levels.  The four income levels used are, "very-low," "low," "moderate," and "above-moderate."  Currently, the California Department of Housing & Community Development (HCD) creates the projections for the Shasta County region and allocates to each city and the county their fair-share" of the projection.

SRTA ensures that the RHNA projection is accounted for in the Regional Transportation Plan.
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Current Projections

A June 30, 2012 letter was sent by HCD to the planning departments of each city and Shasta County informing them of the region's RHNA for the period of January 1, 2014 through June 30, 2019.  The table below identifies the RHNA by jurisdiction and by income level category.

RHNA by Income Category

 Jurisdiction  Very-Low  Low  Moderate  Above-Moderate Total 
 Anderson  32 21 24 59 136
Redding   287 181 205 502 1,175
Shasta Lake  32 21 23 58 134
 Unincorporated  189 117 128 321 755
 TOTAL:   540 340 380 940 2,200


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