California Bicycle Advisory Committee

Caltrans makes transportation decisions that affect the entire state.  The 18 voting members of the California Bicycle Advisory Committee (CBAC) provide Caltrans with input on state-wide bicycle policies, programs, facility designs, and other bicycle issues.  Shasta's voice on the committee is important because Shasta's representative speaks to regional perspectives and issues that Caltrans must weigh when considering design solutions and approaches that can work across California.

In August 2013, the Shasta Regional Transportation Agency's Associate Transportation Planner, Keith Williams, was selected to serve on the CBAC, representing the issues and opportunities of people, families, and businesses from the Shasta region who stand to benefit from increased bicycle accessibility and safer connections.

Shasta County is largely rural and shares similar cycling-related challenges to neighboring regions of the North State.  As the sole  representative from the North State on the CBAC, Keith is also interested in bicycle issues challenging Shasta's neighbors.  If you have a cycling-related idea or concern,  or you would like to learn more about what CBAC is currently recommending, please contact Keith.

For more information on the committee, please visit the CBAC page on the Caltrans website.

CBAC Members & Affiliations

  • Alan Thompson - Southern California Association of Governments
  • Alan Wachtel - California Association of Bicycling Organizations
  • Austin McInerny - National Interscholastic Cycling
  • Bob Sadler - Safe Routes to School National Partnership
  • Charles Nelson - Lake Tahoe Bicycle Coalition
  • Cindy Parra - Bike Bakersfield
  • Dan Klinker - California State Association of Counties
  • Dave Snyder - California Bicycle Coalition
  • Gabriel W. Ho - San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency
  • Jennifer Rice - City of San Luis Obispo, Public Works
  • Jim Baross (Co-Chair) - San Diego Bicycle Coalition
  • Kathy Lowry - League of California Cities
  • Keith Williams (Chair) - Shasta Regional Transportation Agency
  • Martha Vazquez - California Highway Patrol
  • Scott Taylor - California Highway Patrol
  • Shilo Ballard - Silicon Valley Bicycle Coalition
  • Timothy Bustos - UC Davis Bicycle Coordinator
  • Victoria Custodio - Department of Public Health