Shasta ATP Cycle 5 Projects

SRTA is working with local agencies to seek state funding from the competitive Active Transportation Program in June, 2020 in order to construct new, transformative walking and biking corridors to major destinations in the Shasta Region.  If funded, these high quality pedestrian and bicycle facilities will provide low-cost mobility options and create healthy, appealing, competitive alternatives to driving. These projects represent the implementation phase of the GoShasta Regional Active Transportation Plan and the City of Redding Active Transportation Plan, and nurture the growth of healthy, vibrant, sustainable, people-centered communities in the Shasta Region.

Here are links to the projects that could offer safe, comfortable, intuitive walking and biking connections to Shasta residents and visitors of all ages and abilities if funded.  The projects are organized by lead agency for the project application.

Shasta Regional Transportation Agency

North Redding Active Transportation Trunk Line

The City of Redding

Turtle Bay to Downtown

Victor Avenue

The City of Anderson

North Street School Connector

Volante - Pinion School Connector

Shasta County (Cottonwood)

The Cottonwood Lasso Loop

West Cottonwood School Connector

The City of Shasta Lake

Ashby School Connector

The Downtown Loop