2040 Long-Range Transit Plan

Planning Transportation Options for Shasta’s Future

Over the next 20 years, our population will grow by 17%, adding more than 32,000 people to the Shasta region. To keep people moving and preserve the region’s quality of life, we need to lay the groundwork now for future transportation facilities and services.

Whatever direction the region chooses, early planning (and budgeting) is needed to ensure that our efforts are coordinated, effective, affordable, and accessible to everyone. Success means that businesses can move their goods to market, employees can get to/from work without being stuck in traffic, air quality and the environment are protected, and everyone has reasonable access to school, jobs and other important destinations.

Through the 2040 Long-Range Transit Plan, we will explore current and potential future public transportation strategies, evaluate these options for local applicability, and develop recommendations for integrating public transportation into the region's overall mobility plan.   

2040 Long-Range Transit Plan Final Report

Thank you for participating in the planning process. The proposed final draft of the 2040 Long-Range Transit Plan is now available for public review and comment by clicking on the report below

LRTP Final Report Cover Image with Hyperlink

How to Submit Comments

Comments may be submitted via email (srta@srta.ca.gov), by telephone (530-262-6190), or at the next SRTA Board of Directors meeting on April 27, 2021, where the final report will be presented for acceptance.