2040 Long-Range Transit Plan

Planning Transportation Options for Shasta’s Future

Over the next 20 years, our population will grow by 17%, adding more than 32,000 people to the Shasta region. To keep people moving and preserve the region’s quality of life, we need to lay the groundwork now for future transportation facilities and services.

Whatever direction the region chooses, early planning (and budgeting) is needed to ensure that our efforts are coordinated, effective, affordable, and accessible to everyone. Success means that businesses can move their goods to market, employees can get to/from work without being stuck in traffic, air quality and the environment are protected, and everyone has reasonable access to school, jobs and other important destinations.

Through the 2040 Long-Range Transit Plan, we will explore current and potential future public transportation strategies, evaluate these options for local applicability, and develop recommendations for integrating public transportation into the region's overall mobility plan.   

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Community Questionnaire

Community Questionnaire: From July 22 to August 12, the Shasta Regional Transportation Agency held an online community questionnaire to inform the community of the 2040 Long-Range Transit Plan, and obtain input on future travel options for the Shasta region. More than 250 people participated in the community questionnaire.

The project team is currently developing a summary of findings. A summary of survey results will be posted here soon.  

What are these mobility options?

Vehicles and roadways will continue to be the primary mode of transportation in the Shasta Region. However, we want to include a range of additional options that fill in the gaps of our transportation system.

Each community within the Shasta Region has a unique identity and environment, so a 2040 Long-Range Transit Plan needs to address the varying needs of each area. The project team will facilitate an ongoing conversation with the public to successfully build a transit plan that addresses future population growth, changing demographics of our region, rapid investment and development in the downtown areas, and the unique and diverse range of communities that exist within the Shasta region.

To learn more about mobility options for the Shasta region, watch the animated infographic below.
Bus on Bridge
Benefits of providing travel options

What is the 2040 Long-Range Transit Plan?

The Shasta Regional Transportation Agency’s Long-Range Transit Plan will be the 2040 blueprint for a sustainable, safe, innovative, integrated, and efficient transit system. It will also help prioritize future transit projects and create a holistic transit system that meets the needs of current and future residents.

What is public transportation?

Public transportation provides a way for residents of all ages and abilities to travel to their destination. Traditional public transportation includes fixed-route bus and dial-a-ride services. Another form is on-demand transit -- which uses smaller vehicles and technology (i.e. smart phones and real-time route planning software) to provide transit only when and where it is requested. Other forms include vanpools, trains, and even private-sector ridesharing services like Uber or Lyft. Some areas have neighborhood electric vehicles and electric bike and scooter programs. In the future, autonomous vehicles and other technology will further expand the possibilities. While traditional public transportation services will continue to be the focus, all types of public transportation will be considered and integrated into the 2040 Long-Range Transit Plan.

Long-Range Transit Plan Materials

Stay tuned for project documents and materials (to be posted as they become available)