Innovative Clean Transit Plan

A collage of electric vehicle charging stations, hydrogen fuel cell fueling devices, and a bus.SRTA has teamed up with Dignity Health Connected Living (DHCL) to offer specialized public transit services under the ShastaConnect brand. To adhere to California's Innovative Clean Transit (ICT) regulations, a plan needs to be developed for the gradual transition to zero-emission buses for ShastaConnect services. This plan must be adopted and submitted to the California Air Resources Board (CARB). Furthermore, the Federal Transit Administration (FTA) now mandates that transit agencies establish a plan to transition to a zero-emission fleet in order to qualify for specific federal transit funds.

To create this transition plan, SRTA has enlisted the services of Energetics. The plan evaluates various options for fleet transition, including a complete switch to battery electric vehicles, a full hydrogen fleet, or a combination of battery electric and hydrogen vehicles. The proposed approach suggests that, in the short term, SRTA and DHCL should continue procuring gasoline-powered vehicles, while initiating a pilot project focused on battery electric vehicles. In the long run, the strategy entails gradually replacing the gasoline-powered fleet with battery-electric vehicles and subsequently integrating hydrogen fuel cell vehicles as they become feasible. 

The plan also encompasses additional recommendations, such as aiming to achieve a fully zero-emission fleet by 2039 or later. It suggests collaboration with RABA and regional partners to establish a hydrogen station that can serve early transit and local government zero-emission vehicles. The plan is expected to be a “living document” for SRTA, with periodic updates as lessons are learned and situations change.

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Zero-Emission Fleet Transition Rollout Plan for ShastaConnect Services

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