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Posted on: July 25, 2023

SRTA Awarded $2.24 Million in REAP 2.0 Funds, Supporting Local Projects

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The Shasta Regional Transportation Agency (SRTA) has been awarded $2.24 million in Regional Early Action Planning (REAP) 2.0 Funds by the California Department of Housing and Community Development (HCD). REAP 2.0 is a statewide program aimed at helping regions and communities make progress towards building needed housing and supporting infrastructure.                                  

In December 2022, the SRTA Board of Directors selected the following local city and private sector partners for the regional REAP 2.0 funding and submitted the projects to HCD:                   
  • City of Redding – $750,000 towards a 12-unit mixed-use development on Parkview Avenue.
  • City of Shasta Lake – $950,000 towards curb, sidewalk, and trail improvements in the city’s downtown to support adjacent housing development 
  • Emergent 3D – $431,713.62 towards eight affordable housing units on Leland Avenue in the city of Redding.                           
“We’re pleased to receive state support for the region’s application of REAP 2.0 projects, which will leverage over $7 million in other private and public funding.” said SRTA Executive Director Sean Tiedgen. “These projects will help make progress toward regional and local goals by increasing housing options, supporting job growth, increasing community safety and accessibility, and reduce vehicle miles traveled by providing infill development near everyday needs such as food, health services, public transportation, and parks. We look forward to seeing the city of Redding, city of Shasta Lake, and Emergent 3D get started.”

Brief summaries of each project are provided below:

The City of Redding will use their award to help build a mixed-use infill development on a vacant lot on Parkview Avenue. An additional $800,000 in Whole Person Care funds have been awarded to the City by Shasta County. A total of 12 residential units of transitional and permanent housing will be provided for low- and moderate-income homeless individuals and families. The development will include commercial space to provide employment opportunities to residents as well as additional infrastructure improvements.            

“While the building plans have not yet been fully developed, the mixed-used building on Parkview will add approximately 12 residential units, as well as commercial spaces, to our community. The City is always looking for ways to increase ourhousing inventory, and projects like this are an important part of continuing our efforts,” says Senior Housing Specialist Daniel Berry. “We are grateful for our community partnerships and are excited to continue working with SRTA to complete this project according to the grant specifications.”                   

The City of Shasta Lake will use their share of REAP 2.0 funds to help construct a separated multi-use trail; curbs, gutters, and sidewalks at designated locations; traffic calming and pedestrian features, including bulb-outs and crosswalks; and landscaping. The project would be an extension of and connect to the city’s Affordable Housing and Sustainable Communities Downtown Revitalization project, which is a mixed-use development with 49 affordable housing units. These improvements will provide alternative travel options to key destinations including the Civic Center, post office, park facilities, places of worship, food pantries, health services, grocery store, and bus stops.                   

“The City of Shasta Lake is excited for the opportunity to partner with Shasta Regional Transportation Agency on the Shasta Lake Downtown Mobility and Housing Catalyst Project. The project will provide safe, complete streets in our Downtown area, encourage multimodal transportation, and increase connectivity to key destinations in the community,” said City Manager Jessaca Lugo.               

Emergent 3D is assembling funding to construct eight affordable housing units in the city of Redding. This project is located at 2955 Leland Avenue and is close to walking, biking, and transit routes, making it easy for future residents to access work, services, and activities. This property is currently owned by the city of Redding and would be transferred to Emergent 3D. The housing units will be eligible under the city of Redding’s First Time Homebuyer Program and will include three units designated for families from historically underrepresented communities.                   

“Emergent is using 3D Concrete Printing (3DCP) to create housing that is affordable, disaster-resilient, energy efficient, and aesthetically attractive. We also endeavor to support workforce development, especially in the tech-construction industry, while using sustainable building methods to create homes that will provide long-term energy efficiency and durability for homeowners. As part of Emergent’s commitment to sustainability, we have been using locally sourced materials to prepare 3D concrete mix from inception. No other 3DCP company based in the United States is utilizing locally available material to print permitted projects,” stated Director of Housing and Project Development Jacyln Disney.                            

 For detailed information about a particular project, please use the following contacts:                   

About the REAP 2.0 Program                   

REAP 2.0 is a flexible program that aims to accelerate progress towards state housing goals and climate commitments through a strengthened partnership between the state, its regions, and local entities. The program is administered by HCD in collaboration with the Governor’s Office of Planning and Research (OPR), the Strategic Growth Council (SGC), and the California Air Resources Board (CARB). This new program was established as part of the 2021 California Comeback Plan under AB 140. Information about the statewide program can be found at grants-of-2021.



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